About Nickie

NICKIE JURADO - Creator & Host

You would be surprised to know that Nickie went to culinary school twice. That’s how much she loves the worlds of food, wine and

hospitality. In between the initial go around in high school to graduation with honors decades later from the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Nickie built a career as a television producer, a network television public relations executive and an adored restaurant professional. 

FROM ADVERSITY TO INSPIRATION…While in culinary school and 3 months before graduation, Nickie sustained an injury to her spine. The doctor’s said she could never go back to cooking or the restaurant business. It was a devastating blow but she did not give up on her dream to create and host a food/culture show. Nickie pivoted and put her passion for teaching others, a comedic performance style and deep well of culinary knowledge through the Kitchen Aid of creativity to bake up the Kitchen Scene Investigator brand and a show that’s entertaining and informative. 

A Latina from La Isla Del Encanto, Nickie grew up in a Puerto Rican-American, bicultural home in New Jersey where curiosity, food and celebrations where front and center. It’s no surprise her life’s work is to share her knowledge of food and culture to empower others along their own culinary journeys.